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Safety ESD heel grounder
  • Safety ESD heel grounder
  • Safety ESD heel grounder

Safety ESD heel grounder

Adjustable velcro ESD heel gounder with wrist strap safey set

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Model No.: KYD-EP1135
Spec: It's an antistatic velcro heel grounder and wrist strap set

Sole Interior: Non-Marking

Sole Exterior: <105 ohms 

Packing: 1pcs/bag, 20pcs/pack, 500pcs/CTN


Material Key:


1) 0.070'' thick, 1.5'' width, three layer laminated, rubber sole.

2)Styrene-butadiene-rubber. Outer Blue colored layer is anti-static.

3)Grounding polyester ribbon tab, 18''/30'' long with 4 conductive nylon strands, two-sided reversible, may be positioned on either side of foot.

4)1 meg ohm, 1.5megohm

5)No Silicone is used in the materials of our foot grounders

6)These heel grounders are designed for use on standard shoes. They can be easily adjusted to fit the individual wearers.

7)Our heel strap complies with the parameters of the standard: ANSI/ESD S-20.20




The heel Grounders safely remove static charges from workers to protect your ESD susceptible products.It is an suitable ESD footwear component in your Flooring-Footwear System as the primary grounding method(<3.5 x 107 ohms per ESD STM97.1)Exceptionally long-lasting, durable premium rubber with tear resistant inner scrim and dual wear surface to double its life.

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