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KYD Electronic CO., Ltd

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Şirket Profili

Welcome to KYD!

KYD was established in 2008. It is a factory that produces ESD/Anti-static control products and Cleanroom products. Quality and Reputation are the key words of our company!We focus on the values and demands of our customers and offer ESD products with the best quality, best price and the fastest delivery.You can also find more information from our Website or contact our sales to know more details.

KYD customers are involved in various sectors:Micro electronics, Automotive ,Electronics, Medical, Clean Room.Our Customer base includes. LG Electronics, Flextronics, Foxconn, Panasonic, Alcatel and so on.We are identified as one of the most trustworthy suppliers of the above Product .This also enabled the enterprise in occupying an invincible position in the market. Moreover, we have made diligent efforts to provide prolific deals and maintain long term Good Business Relationship with our esteemed clients offering a competitive Price.