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Sticky mat
  • Sticky mat
  • Sticky mat
  • Sticky mat
  • Sticky mat
  • Sticky mat

Sticky mat

Sticky mat is also know as tacky mat, adhesive mat, floor mat, floor carpet, dust mat, dusting pad, entrance mat, etc

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Model No.: KYD-EP1010
Size:  18"x36" , 24"x36", 24"x45",  26"x45", 36"x45", 36"x46"
Color: Blue, Transparent, White, Grey (other colors can be customized)

Material of film: LDPE
Layers:30 or 60
Rupture Elongation: Transverse≥300%,Lengthways≥200%
Tensile strength: Transverse≥12Mpa,Lengthways≥20Mpa
Adhesive: Water-based Acrylic

Adhesive Force(g/25mm):200,400,600
Adhsive of bottom(g/25mm):500,700,900
Heat-resistant Range:60 Degree
Aging Properties:12Months
Packing : 4mats/box, 8mats/box or 10mats/box. Also can be customized

Dust mat, also known as sticky mat, adhesive mat and tacky mat, is mainly suitable for sticking to the entrance or buffer zone where dustproof space is needed. It can effectively remove the dust on the sole and the wheel, and minimize the influence of dust on the quality of the purified environment. The effect of simple dust removal solves the problem that dust removal is not completely ensured by other floor mats. In order to facilitate tearing during use, a page number label is usually attached to the corner of the sticky pad.

The glue on the sticky mat is chemically synthesized, which can make the adhesion of each surface of the sticky mat even, and can keep the particles on the sole on the sticky mat. It is widely used in the semiconductor industry, electronics industry, bio-pharmaceutical industry, aerospace industry. Industry, hospital operating room, food processing industry, high-end hotels, hotels, families, etc.

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