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Sticky pen, dust pen
  • Sticky pen, dust pen
  • Sticky pen, dust pen
  • Sticky pen, dust pen
  • Sticky pen, dust pen
  • Sticky pen, dust pen
  • Sticky pen, dust pen
  • Sticky pen, dust pen

Sticky pen, dust pen

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Product Name: Sticky pen

Specifications: Length 130MM diameter 5MM/8MM

Material: Washable silica gel

Viscosity: High viscosity

Packaging: ESD bag packaging

Product Description:

Dust pen is a dust removal product with its own viscosity, which can quickly remove the small particles, impurities, fibers, copper chips, dust and so on generated in the production process of various electronic products, so as to improve the yield of electronic products. With the circulation of sticky paper, can ensure that the silicone rubber wheel with long-term adhesive effective.

Product viscosity: high, medium and low viscosity selection, to ensure that the product is high viscosity and durable, not easy to aging, no chips off, anti-static, in addition to static electricity, moisture-proof and moisture-proof friction, non-toxic, no rust and no pollution; Feel comfortable when using, the roller wheel can rotate freely. There are various colors to choose from.

Scope of application: circuit board, PCB, backlight, LCD process, light guide, polarizer, film precision printing, SMT, clean room, clean room production line, electronic semiconductor and other industries, surface treatment required cleaning tools.

Use method:

1, cleaning silicone: please use anhydrous alcohol to wipe, dry or air gun dry.

2, do not contact benzene and ester solvents (such as tenna water, washing water, film water, ethyl acetate, etc.), once contact, please immediately wipe with anhydrous alcohol quickly, blow dry.

3, every 5000 times or so, if the viscosity decreases significantly, please note that this phenomenon is caused by the pollution of the rubber wheel, as follows: timely use of anhydrous alcohol clean, placed in the oven, at 50℃ temperature, baking for 30 minutes, viscosity rise, according to this method, the service life of the product is more than 60,000 times, such as conditions do not have, clean with alcohol, It is wrapped in a clean packaging film and placed for 4 8 hours. The viscosity also increases.


1, it is strictly prohibited to use benzene, ester solvents (such as Tina water, washing water, film water, ethyl acetate, etc.) to clean silicone, such solvents will cause silicone expansion, aging, deformation, viscosity decline quickly and other phenomena.

2, please do not use silicon wheel to clean the ground, wall, and rough surface: it is easy to scratch the silicone.

3. Please do not scratch the silicone with a sharp blade.

Maintenance and storage:

After use: Please roll it back and forth on the sticky paper several times to keep the sticky pen head clean.
Storage: Keep away from benzene solvents, inks and curing agents and put them away in clean packaging.
When not in use: Please avoid high temperature environment and direct sunlight.

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