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Sponge for solder
  • Sponge for solder
  • Sponge for solder
  • Sponge for solder
  • Sponge for solder
  • Sponge for solder

Sponge for solder

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Model No.: A1042
Material: sponge

Size: 60 x 60mm/pcs   

Thickness after soaking: 5mm or 10mm
Color: Yellow


1. Anti-scalding and high temperature resistance.
2. Soaked in water and foamed, sulfur free.
3. Clean the soldering iron head more thoroughly.
4. Large expansion coefficient, soak in water and wring it dry, it can be used, and can be used repeatedly.


The soldering iron tip is heated before each soldering application, and also "air heat" between soldering intervals, so that an oxide layer appears on the surface of the solder remaining on the soldering iron tip. In addition, the residual flux (such as rosin or Vaseline, etc.) will also become carbon deposits and dirt attached to the surface of the iron tip. If they are not removed, they will be welded, which will reduce the mechanical strength, electrical contact performance and smoothness of the welding, which directly affects the welding quality. In order to ensure the quality of the solder, it is necessary to use a cleaning block to wipe away these contaminations, and then to melt the solder.

User manual:

First let the cleaning block absorb enough water, squeeze some with your hands, and retain about 70% of the water. Hold the soldering iron handle and wipe the heated soldering iron tip on the cleaning block twice, the tin layer above will be as bright as new, and the soldering iron tip will be clean, and the soldering can be performed immediately.

Application: special used for soldering cleaning.

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