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SMD Rework Station
  • SMD Rework Station

SMD Rework Station

HAKKO FR-802 SMD Rework Station is mainly used to remove all kinds of surface mount components.
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Model No.: HAKKO FR-802
Power Consumption: 220V-570W
Spray gun: Hakko FM-2025


Power consumption: 30W/7W(standby mode)

Air volume: 5~20L/min (Max)

Temperature control: 100~450℃(use A1126B)

Dimension: 160(W)x145(H)x230(D)mm

Weight: 4.3kg

Spray gun:

Power consumption: 220V-540W

Length (excluding wires): 200(L)mm

Weight (excluding wires): 200g

Replacement accessories:

B1438 FP extractor with (S) and (L) pull steel wire

B1439 FP pull steel wire (S)

B1440 FP pull steel wire (L)


1.The heating state can be changed according to the temperature sensor message, and the three-stage heating program can be set to provide flexible and convenient temperature, air volume and time control, which standardizes the operation requiring high precision.

2.The air outlet adopts a new mechanical design to reduce the irregularity of the hot air temperature.

3.Air flow meter for fast and accurate air volume adjustment.

4.Vacuum suction pipe at the air outlet.

5.With automatic cooling function, the system will continue to send cold air after the power is turned off, until the temperature inside the nozzle casing drops to 100℃ to prevent overheating of the heating components.

6.With power saving function (optional 30 minutes/60 minutes/∞), the system will automatically stop sending hot air when the time is set.

7.Temperature correction function.

8.Lock card function to avoid setting data to be arbitrarily changed.

9.Digital display function, dismantling static electricity design.

10.Three-stage heating program.

11.When the temperature drops to 100℃, the system will automatically stop the air supply.
12.Workspace saving design.

Packing list:

HAKKO FR-802 consoles, handle, lock card, power cable, handle bracket, FP puller, FP puller wire (S, L)/each one

Remark: The nozzle is not included, it needs to be purchased separately.

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