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Soldering Station FX-888D
  • Soldering Station FX-888D
  • Soldering Station FX-888D

Soldering Station FX-888D

FX-888D is a soldering station that digital adjustment, password lock temperature
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Model No.: FX-888D
Brand: HAKKO

Power consumption: 70W

Output voltage: AC26

Input voltage: 220V or 110V

Plug type: USA plug, Europe plug, UK plug, Asia plug

Temperature control range: 200-480℃

Temperature stability: +-1℃ when no load

External dimensions: 100 (W)x120 (H)x120 (D)mm

Weight (excluding wires): 1.2KG


FX-8801 soldering iron:

Power consumption: 65W (26V)

Impedance between tip and ground: <2 ohms Potential between tip and ground: <2mv

Standard soldering tip: T18-B

Heating element: ceramic heating element

Full length (excluding wires): 217MM (when T18-B soldering tip is attached)

Weight (excluding wires): 46G (when T18-B soldering tip is attached)

Features of FX-888D soldering station:

1. Heater core power 65W: The output power is increased by 30%, and the heat transfer speed greatly improves the welding efficiency.

2. Correction mode - Correcting temperature is simple and easy: traditional soldering station needs careful adjustment (CAL) knob to set the temperature and the actual temperature error of the tip. FX-888D soldering station can complete the correction temperature by inputting the actual temperature of the tip.

3. Preset mode: 5 frequently used temperatures can be preset, and the required soldering temperature can be called up with the push of a button.

4. Digital adjustment, password lock temperature: Digital display, you can adjust the temperature every 1℃ unit, and you can set the password to lock the temperature.

5. Two simple operation buttons: Only 2 buttons, UP (select) and ENEIR (decision) can be operated in all directions.

6. Use T18 series welding nozzle: Separate design of welding nozzle and heating element, saving operating cost, more than 30 types of welding tips are available.

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