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Safety Anti-fatigue Mat
  • Safety Anti-fatigue Mat
  • Safety Anti-fatigue Mat

Safety Anti-fatigue Mat

Spherical anti-static floor mat, rubber spherical floor mat, splicable anti-static floor mat, safety anti-static floor mat, anti-fatigue spherical floor mat
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Model No.: KYD-EP1007

Color: black

450mm*600mm*12.5mm, splicable, rubber
450mm*600mm*12.5mm, not spliced, rubber + PVC
600mm*900mm*12.5mm splicing, rubber
600mm*900mm*12.5mm, not splicing, rubber + PVC
Performance and characteristics:

1) Free of volatile antistatic agent, antistatic quality assurance. Surface resistance and grounding resistance are less than 1X 10^9 ohms. Meet the Chinese national defense electrostatic standard
2) High quality natural rubber material.
3) Non-slip design, placed on smooth marble floor and epoxy floor will not slip
4) Relieve foot standing fatigue, promote blood circulation, reduce fatigue strength, and improve work efficiency
5) Flame retardant meets UL94VO standard
A semi-dome spherical surface designed for ergonomic work experience and comfortable and durable anti-fatigue pads.
Rubber ball anti-fatigue mat with flexible hemispherical dome anti-skid surface, combined with natural rubber substrate injection molding technology, providing excellent performance with non-slip anti-fatigue mats!

The semi-dominant spherical surface forms a shock absorption system for the subtle changes in the body movements of the working standing person, promoting blood flow and reducing fatigue in the legs and back.
Performance: friction coefficient anti-skid performance, safe slippery, granular hemispherical surface can play anti-slip and anti-fatigue effect, and can play a high anti-fatigue effect to massage the foot to relieve standing fatigue. Insulates cold air, reduces vibration, and protects products and tools that are dropped during operation from damage.

workshop work area (machine side, etc.), airport security check, checkout counter, hotel front desk, operation desk, sports venues, etc. Rubber ball anti-slip anti-fatigue mats are available for work fatigue mats in commercial, industrial, warehousing, retail, laboratories, checkpoints, hospital pharmacies and pharmaceutical environments.

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