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ESD green tape
  • ESD green tape
  • ESD green tape
  • ESD green tape

ESD green tape

ESD green tape is a polyester film-backed silicone adhesive tape with 200℃ high temperature resistant. The length is 66m per roll, thickness is 0. 5mm, width is 1-1200mm can be cut depends on your requirement.

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1.Model No.: KYD-EP2539
2.Color: green
3.Surface resistance: 10E6-10E9
4.Size: Width 1-1200mm, length 66m, thickness 0.05mm
5.Feature: Antistatic, 200D heat resistant
6.Adhesion to Steel: 6N/25mm (Test method GB2792-98)
7.Tensile Strength at Break: 42N/cm  (Test method GB-T7753-87)
8.Elongation at Break: >100%  (Test method GB-T7753-87)   

Application: Mask for printed circuit boards during solder dip process.
Storage Details: Store under normal conditions of 10° to 30°C and 40 to70% R.H. in their initial packaging. Shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Remark: Products can be based on the special needs of a variety of thickness and viscosity, as well as anti-static treatment, die-cutting process. Detailed technical parameters can be obtained from the customer service staff.

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