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ESD Mouse
  • ESD Mouse
  • ESD Mouse

ESD Mouse

Permanent anti-static mouse, available with wireless type and wired type, used together with computure and keyboard

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1.Model No.: KYD-EP2508

2.Material: ESD PP

3.Color: black

4.Style: with wire type and wireless type
5.Surface resistance: 10E6-10E9
6.Voltage: less than: 100V
7.Test temperature and humidity: 45%-90%
8.Interface: USB


Remarks: Permanent anti-static.




Economical and durable and many other advantages. It can greatly reduce the damage rate of electronic products in the production process, reduce the cost, improve the product quality and profit; the main purpose: to eliminate static electricity.



Widely used in dust-free workshops, purification workshops, photovoltaic power plants, LED factories, PCB factories, electronics factories, electrical equipment, electronic instruments, wafers, LCD/LCM/LED, optoelectronics, chip semiconductors, laser heads, pharmaceutical chemicals, precision instruments , health care equipment, microelectronics industry, aerospace, military industry, electronic components (electronics), optoelectronic products, electronic devices, liquid crystal products, optoelectronic integrated products, and other products in the aerospace manufacturing industry, such as ESD and purification grade requirements field.

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