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ESD EVA foam
  • ESD EVA foam
  • ESD EVA foam
  • ESD EVA foam
  • ESD EVA foam
  • ESD EVA foam

ESD EVA foam

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1) EVA, commonly known as foam, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. It is foamed from EVA. It overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary styrofoam, which are fragile, deformed, and poor in recovery. It has many advantages such as water and moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection, impact resistance, anti-skid and shock resistance, and also has good chemical resistance. Ideal for traditional packaging materials alternatives.


2) According to the density (hardness) of its products, it can be divided into: 25 degrees, 38 degrees, 40 degrees, 45 degrees, 50 degrees, 55 degrees, 60 degrees, 65 degrees, 70 degrees and 80 degrees (hardness plus and minus tolerance is about ±5 degrees); According to the color of its products Can be divided into: black, white, plus white, plus black, gray, yellow, green, red, brown, orange and other colors (can be foamed according to the international color standard).


The thickness is mainly: 0.3MM-60MM, the thickness tolerance is generally about ±0.1mm-0.2mm.


Main size: sheet main size: 1M*2M, 1.2*2.6M, 1.2*2.4M, 1M*3M, 1.5M*3M, etc., coil main: 1M*25M, 1M*50M, 1M*100M, 1M* 300M, etc. Other sizes and thicknesses can be customized according to customer requirements.


3) According to its product performance, it can be divided into: ordinary EVA. Fireproof EVA. Anti-static EVA. Conductive EVA. High elastic EVA.


4) EVA has strong plasticity; it can be die-cut into any shape, various EVA packaging linings, EVA toys, EVA foot pads, EVA balls, EVA tubes, EVA stickers, .EVA pencil boxes, EVA printing, EVA Flocking, can be customized according to customer drawings.


5) The compounding of EVA and other materials: EVA can be single-sided and double-sided adhesive according to customer requirements. The adhesives include ordinary adhesive, reinforced adhesive, high temperature resistant adhesive, fireproof adhesive and imported double-sided adhesive. After gluing, it can be divided according to customer requirements Cut and roll into any width and length. It can be plated with gold and silver powder on single and double sides. It can be combined with single and double-sided cloth. PU leather, plastic sheet, pearl cotton, etc.


6) Application of EVA: Widely used in shockproof and antiskid of electronic appliances, sealing and heat preservation, lining of various packaging boxes, metal cans and other industries. Products are widely used: electronic dictionary. Instrumentation, gifts, printing, packaging, machinery, tablet computers, mobile phones. digital camera. air conditioner. Water dispenser. computer. Electronic appliances. communication. Military products. Speaker. Lighting. Toys and other industries. to shield. Anti-static, fireproof, shockproof. Thermal insulation, non-slip. fixed. Wear-resistant and heat-resistant. Insulation, etc.


7) The surface resistance of anti-static EVA is 10E6-10E9ohm, which is absolutely guaranteed to be permanent anti-static, has good electrical conductivity, has good anti-static and electromagnetic shielding performance, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, Anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, light weight.



1. Excellent anti-static performance: anti-static aging is permanent anti-static, not affected by environmental dry humidity.


2. Excellent shock absorption performance: independent and fine closed cells.


3. Excellent conductivity: electrostatic index value is 106-109ohm/sq.


4. High temperature resistance: the highest temperature resistance is 80°C.


5. Chemical resistance: resistance to organic solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.


6. No chemical corrosion: no corrosion to components and packaging.


7. Heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, not easy to wear.


8. Good secondary processing performance, easy to form.


Specific uses of anti-static EVA:


1. Anti-static EVA is used as plug-in board and packaging box to protect integrated circuits, microelectronic components, optoelectronic active devices, high-frequency filters, etc. from static electricity, vibration, and shock.


2. It is used as a packaging box for printed circuit boards to protect it from static electricity and physical hazards during storage and transportation.


3. Anti-static EVA is used for electronic devices in factory workshops, anti-static buffer gaskets for production lines, and turnover packaging.


A. LCD screen production and assembly line:

1)Display devices: display screens, monitors, etc.

2)Control circuit: control module, backlight module, etc.


B. Workshop turnover:

Workshop turnover of mobile phones, 3G terminals, computers/especially notebook computers, optoelectronic components


C. Workshop turnover of main board and circuit board


4. Used as the lining of turnover boxes and tool boxes.


5. Used as the inner packaging of precision electronic products and instruments.


6. Anti-static EVA is used as electromagnetic shielding in the computer room.


7. Anti-static EVA is used for ultra-clean, anti-static factory walls, roofing materials, workbench pads, chair pads, foot pads, etc.

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