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ESD PCB hanging basket
  • ESD PCB hanging basket
  • ESD PCB hanging basket

ESD PCB hanging basket

Anti-static PCB hanging basket, anti-static SMT workshop circuit board turnover car hanging basket, PCB turnover car L-shaped hanging basket

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1.Model No.: KYD-EP2007

2.Basket Size: L410 xW280 xH160mm±3mm

3.Hanging basket material: the frame is 201# stainless steel, the handle is 5mm diameter round steel bar, the panel is anti-static plastic material, and the pull stud is carbon steel galvanized

4.Hanging Basket inner angle: 90 degrees

5.Production method: stainless steel edging

6.Number of the PCB plate can be stored in each hanging basket: 38pcs

7.Hanging Basket guide groove: Vertically insert

8.Groove depth: 3mm

9.Width: 3mm

10.Slot length: 220mm

11.Groove height: 140mm

12.Grid spacing: 10mm

13.Surface resistance: 104Ω---109Ω

14.Hanging Basket bearing weight: 5KG

15.Packing: 8pcs/CTN, 80 x 46 x 37cm/CTN, G.W. about 12kg/CTN

Application: for LCD screen, mobile phone screen, PCB storage. It's mainly used together with SMT utility carts.

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