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Wearing Guidelines For Anti-Static Clothing

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2024-02-20


Since the human body is the main source of static electricity during exercise, we will wear a series of anti-static products - anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes, anti-static caps, anti-static gloves, etc. to control the static electricity in the human body and safely discharge the static electricity. , does not affect product production.

Therefore, staff, visitors, customers, etc. who enter the ESD workshop are required to wear anti-static clothing. Anyone who does not wear the required clothing will not be allowed to enter the workshop.

Other specific specifications are as follows:

1. The zipper of the anti-static work clothes should be pulled all the way. If wearing separate clothes, no gaps should be left at the waist and the sleeves should not be rolled up.

2. Anyone who comes into contact with static-sensitive components must wear an anti-static cap. When wearing an anti-static cap, your hair must not be exposed.

3. Metal is not allowed to be brought into the electrostatic protection workshop. No metal accessories are allowed to be used on anti-static work clothes. If they must be attached under special circumstances, the metal must not be exposed.

4. When wearing anti-static shoes, be careful not to add insulating insoles and wear cotton socks. Keep the soles of your shoes clean.

5. Employees who are sitting while operating should keep the soles of their shoes in contact with the ground to ensure that static electricity is discharged to the ground through the shoes, and they must not lift their feet off the ground.

Whether or not we wear anti-static clothing has a great impact on product quality, which requires employees to self-discipline and companies to strictly supervise.