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The solder wire is better with lead or without lead?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2023-09-02

Features of lead solder wire:

1. Lead solder wire winding is very neat, never knotted, easy to operate welding, and high efficiency.

2. The flux with lead solder wire is evenly distributed, and no broken flux occurs in the wire core.

3. The solder joint with lead solder wire has high brightness, good wettability, and is easy to tin.

4. With lead solder wire composite flux, welding does not splash.

Features of lead-free solder wire:

1. Lead-free solder wire flux moderate, welding will not splash.

2. Lead-free solder wire winding is very neat, will not tie, easy to weld, and high efficiency.

3. Lead-free solder wire has very good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and wettability.

4. The flux distribution of lead-free solder wire is more uniform, and there is no broken flux
phenomenon in the wire core.

The solder wire is better with lead or without lead?

If from the point of view of welding, of course, the solder wire with lead is good for welding, and the quality of the weld is not said.

If you want to be environmentally friendly, it's a different story, and it's definitely a lead-free solder wire. Lead-free solder wire is very in line with the requirements of environmental protection, now some products on the market, especially export products are required to use lead-free.