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Why do anti-static lift chairs use gas rods instead of springs?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2023-06-29

Many customers are inquiring why anti-static lift chairs use pneumatic rods instead of springs? In fact, the use of air pressure can easily change the height of the chair lift. With the spring alone, its height is determined by the weight on the chair lift, and the height of the chair lift cannot be adjusted. The spring plus the locking device, isn't the air pressure also the air pressure plus the locking device? In this way, even if the ambient temperature is high, the air pressure lifting device will not explode. Air pressure simply locks the valve, springs are harder to lock. The temperature rises and the gas expands, causing the seat to rise slightly, but the air pressure will not rise, and there will be no explosion.


There is news that why many air pressure lift swivel chairs explode? However, it is rare to hear feedback from customers that the anti-static chair exploded. KYD listed 3 points below:


1. The air pressure rod of the chair is mainly lifted and lowered by high-pressure nitrogen gas. Generally, the gas purity lower than 90% may have potential safety hazards. We found that many manufacturers pour high-pressure air or other gases into the air pressure rod in order to save costs, which greatly reduces the safety.


2. If the seal is not tightly sealed, it will also cause an explosion.


3. The firmness of the pressure rod container wall material will directly affect the safety of the chair. 1, to choose regular manufacturers products. Buy products with a qualified mark, do not be greedy to buy low-quality goods cheaply.


2. When buying a swivel chair, first check whether the plastic bottom plate of the swivel chair is strong, and then slide the swivel chair back and forth. A good-quality swivel chair is more flexible to rotate and will not tilt.


3. When the chair is in use, do not rotate and lift repeatedly. After using for a period of time, it should be checked in time. Once cracks and loose signs are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time.


4. Sit with caution if the weight exceeds 100 kg.


Here is a brief introduction to the spring, which is an accessory that functions as support, buffering, braking, height adjustment, angle and degree adjustment. The basic principle of its operation is to fill an inert gas or oil-air mixture with a certain pressure difference between the airtight cylinder and the outside atmospheric pressure, and then use the pressure difference on the cross section of the piston rod to complete the free movement of the gas spring. As for how to distinguish and evaluate the quality of a spring, the following aspects are mainly considered:


1. Sealing, if the sealing is not good, there will be oil leakage and air leakage during use.


2. It is the accuracy. For example, a spring of 500N is required. The spring of some manufacturers may be far from the actual required 500N.


3. It is the service life, and the service life of the spring is calculated by the number of times it is fully stretched.


4. It is the change of the force value of the spring during the stroke. In an ideal state, the force value of the gas spring should remain unchanged throughout the stroke. However, due to design and processing factors, the force value of the gas spring during the stroke inevitably occurs. Change. The magnitude of its change is an important criterion to measure the quality of a gas spring. The smaller the change range, the better the quality of the gas spring, and vice versa. KYD reminds friends who need to buy anti-static chairs, don't choose cheap ones, they must be truly durable and anti-static, and not the most expensive anti-static chairs are particularly durable, we should choose a quality guarantee.