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How to distinguish the quality of EVA foam good and bad

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2023-05-18

1. From the surface, EVA foam has A material, B material,C material, A material surface is smoother, delicate, there is a little smell, but not close to the nose will not feel anything. B material time, there will be some small pores on the surface, but it does not affect the use. C material that smell is more smelly, and the surface slightly more pores, the surface looks a little gray feeling. 

2. Relatively speaking, the quality of material A is better, so the unit price will be higher. Therefore, when customers choose EVA foam material, they should choose the material according to their actual use, environment and place of use. For example, electronic products, it is A material, general protection placed in the outdoor can choose C material, C material is cost-effective, choose their own foam material is good, do not have to choose expensive. 

3. Then how to calculate the price of material A and other EVA foam materials? EVA foam is calculated according to the square, a square a MM thickness is how much money. Different materials have different specifications. For example, A material is generally 1 m *2 m, B material is 1 m *2 m, 1 m *3 m and other different specifications. When choosing, customers need to look at the size of their EVA foam molding to choose the right size material, so as not to waste and save cost. The thickness can be communicated with Fubo foam factory according to their own requirements, and any thickness can be made. 

4. Then the color of EVA foam is also common black and white, color will also have. Anti-static EVA color is only black.