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The preventive effect of anti-static chair

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-09-01

Although some measures such as suppression, dredging, and neutralization have been taken to control static electricity in the past, although static electricity has been eliminated and achieved certain effects, the hazard of static electricity has not been completely eliminated. After years of analysis, researchers have found that those methods are still partial. Prevention and control, there are always prevention measures that may cause electrostatic hazards in areas that are not protected. Therefore, all-round and all-environment electrostatic prevention and control has become a new concept of modern electrostatic prevention and control. Its core is to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic accumulation of all equipment, materials and personnel due to flow friction in all working processes of all links.


According to experts, static electricity has a paralyzing effect on the human body, and even strong static electricity can cause pain in the human body. In work and life, people's bodies are prone to generate static electricity through contact with chairs. Comfortable, especially in the dry season, electrostatic reaction is very easy to occur, which is very troublesome, so at this time, an anti-static chair is needed. What is the preventive effect of this anti-static chair?


Surface treatment measures should be taken for the equipment used in the production workshop, such as work table seats, etc., to effectively change the surface impedance of various materials, so that they will not generate static electricity or electrostatic charges will not accumulate when subjected to friction. So today, let's introduce the anti-static chair. It basically consists of three parts: an anti-static seat surface, an anti-static chair support part, and an anti-static chair caster cup. Its main principle is to "connect" the human body with the earth through anti-static chairs and anti-static shoes, that is, "ground", so as to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge. The seat surface of the anti-static chair adopts two processes of sewing or one-piece molding. It can be sewn with anti-static PVC or PU leather, or it can be injection-molded with polypropylene (pp) material. Other metal parts of the chair body are specially treated to achieve anti-static effect. The chair wheel has a conductive wheel, the seat surface and the seat body to form a unified electrostatic discharge body, which effectively reduces the harm caused by static electricity.


The above is about the preventive effect of anti-static chairs in the anti-static chair industry. I hope that through the above content, everyone can further understand and understand the anti-static chair industry.