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What is the Function of the Conductive Wire in the Electrostatic Suit?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-07-04

High-performance conductive filaments make your clean suit last longer. The reason why dust-free clothes are anti-static is because conductive threads are woven into the fabric of the clothes. There are two types of conductive threads on the market: semi-conductive (or false lead) and true lead (imported from Japan). The fake conductive wire is broken after washing about 10 times. It is washed once a week, which is about 2 months. The real conductive wire can be washed about 50 times, which is about 1 year.

The reason why anti-static clothing has anti-static properties is that it is embedded with conductive fibers. Corona discharge occurs between the conductive fibers, which is a very gentle form of discharge. When the static charge reaches a certain level, a corona discharge without sparks will be generated to eliminate static electricity. A qualified anti-static clothing can effectively discharge the static electricity of the human body and avoid the damage to the electronic sensitive components caused by the static electricity on the operator's body.

So how to check the conductive fibers in anti-static clothing? Checking the conductive fiber is to see if the conductive fiber is added according to the specification and what kind of conductive fiber is added.

Inspection method: Use scissors to cut the fabric along the edge of the black conductive fibers, and separate the black conductive fibers. Use a magnifying glass to observe whether there are one or several relatively thick fibers, and use a surface resistance tester to measure the separation. the electrical resistance of the conductive fibers. By removing several pieces in a row, you can basically judge whether each black silk in the fabric contains conductive fibers.