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Cleanroom polyester wipes
  • Cleanroom polyester wipes
  • Cleanroom polyester wipes
  • Cleanroom polyester wipes

Cleanroom polyester wipes

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100% polyester double knitted material is cleanroom wipes or cloth

9"x9"   KYD-CR1009, 150pcs/bag

6"x6"   KYD-CR1006, 150pcs/bag

4"x4"   KYD-CR1004, 600pcs/bag

55% Cellulose+45% polyester material is cleanroom paper

9"x9"   KYD-CR1009, 300pcs/bag

6"x6"   KYD-CR1006, 300pcs/bag

4"x4"   KYD-CR1004, 1200pcs/bag

Material: 100% polyester double knitted or 55% Cellulose+45% polyester

1.Selected new materials. 99.99% continuous polyester fiber double woven fabric with good flexibility. Superior oil absorption and water absorption, and cost-effective, can be used repeatedly.
2.High oil absorption. Strong oil absorption, thick and dust-free, oil cleaning and wiping effect is good, oil absorption capacity is remarkable.
3.Low amount of dust. It is used to wipe the surface of precision objects, with good wiping effect, high water absorption capacity, soft and clean.

Camera lens, windshield, window glass, semiconductor production line, LCD display production, precision instrumentation, circuit board production line, optical products, disk drive, medical equipment, laboratory, clean room and production line. Can also be used for computer, TV display, mobile phone tablet, home appliances wipe.

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