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What kind of sticky mat is better?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-11-04

The sticky pads are available in two materials: silicone and Eco-friendly pressure-sensitive water glue. Both have their own strengths and need to be selected according to actual needs.


Silicone sticky dust pad-soft texture, good repeatability: it has a very smooth surface microscopically, so that it can easily adhere to the dust of different particle sizes on the contact surface, especially the concave and uneven parts of the sole and the bottom of the wheel. After long-term use, it can still maintain high dust resistance, and the sole and the bottom of the small wheel will not have a sticky feeling. Can be used repeatedly.


Environmentally friendly pressure-sensitive water-adhesive - excellent dust removal, easy to use repeatedly: ordinary sticky pads are compounded by the latest technological methods. Uniform force. No glue, no odor, non-toxic. The sticky dust pad is mainly suitable for sticking at the entrance of the clean space and between the buffer areas. It can effectively remove the dust on the sole and the wheel, and minimize the impact of the dust on the quality of the clean environment, so as to achieve the effect of simple dust removal. It solves the problem that other floor mats are not completely dust-removed and cannot ensure that the dust does not spread. Peel off for ease of use. So it depends on what kind of material you need.

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