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Acrylic casting plate and extrusion plate which is better?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-11-04
Acrylic plate from the process and raw materials can be divided into casting plate and extrusion plate. The quality of the cast plate is better than the extruded plate, more durable, and the processing range is also wider. But it is difficult to distinguish the two in appearance. We can distinguish the cast acrylic plate from the extruded plate from the following aspects.

1. Process price differentiation

The acrylic casting plate is casting molding, and the extrusion plate is high temperature extrusion molding. Price. Because the raw materials and technology used by the casting plate are higher than that of the extruded plate, the relative price of the cast acrylic plate is higher than that of the extruded plate.

2. Thickness tolerance

Sheet thickness (casting: 1.8MM-300MM, extrusion: 0 5-12MM) The thickness tolerance of cast acrylic plate is larger than that of extruded plate. A micrometer can be used to measure and compare the thickness of the plates.

3. Different performance

The casting plate has high performance and is suitable for all kinds of processes. There is no crystal point on the surface and the transparency is relatively high. The edge and corner of the extrusion plate will turn yellow, and the surface is easy to produce crystal points (the problem can be solved in the dust-free workshop), and the process performance is weak.

4. Detection method

After burning with fire, touch the burning part, pull the casting plate less without silk, extrusion plate has a lot of silk lines pulled out, casting plate burning will have obvious popping sound, and extrusion plate sound is very small. This method is known as the fire method.

5. Transparency

In the difference between the acrylic extrusion plate, the edge of the casting plate is not spotless, and the edge is very transparent and smooth. The four sides of the general casting plate are covered with rubber film, which is because of a link in the process of the casting plate.

6. Smell

The extrusion plate is basically made of recycled materials, so the cutting will be more unpleasant, the smoke is larger, especially the plate with pigment and those sandwich plate; Because the casting plate is a new material, neither the smell nor the smoke will extrude the plate much less.

7. Check acrylic sheet surface

There will be some sand holes on the surface of the extrusion plate, which will be concave and scared like a little small hole. The color plate will look very obvious, and the casting plate will not appear such a situation, but the casting plate will appear the water pattern. The cast acrylic sheet will make a pounding sound when struck by hand.

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