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ESD pry bar
  • ESD pry bar
  • ESD pry bar

ESD pry bar

ESD pry bar is a Two-head disassemble bar for mobile phones and tablets
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Model No.: KYD-EP2534

Color: Black

Size: 152mm (length) * 6mm (width) * 4mm (thickness)

Product weight: 4 grams

Material: plastic (anti-static)


Description: 3 different shape designs, double heads are available, 6 different head designs, can solve all kinds of shells and internal machine disassemble requirements of daily mobile digital notebook flat electronic digital products.


Special reminder: carbon fiber plastic dismantling bar is more than several times the hardness of the ordinary plastic disassembling bar. As the most similar product, it is the most durable.

Application: suitable for unpacking all models of mobile phones, tablets.

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