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ESD cordless wrist strap
  • ESD cordless wrist strap
  • ESD cordless wrist strap

ESD cordless wrist strap

Fabric ESD cordless wrist strap effectively remove the static electricity generated by the human body during exercise, and achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge.
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Model No.: KYD-EP1101
ESD fabric wrist strap without coil cord wire.
Color: blue, wine red
Surface resistance: 10e6-10e8

Strap ring: adjustable rubber

Material: textile of elastic nylon and metal conductive iron.


1. ESD wrist band is the basic, ordinary and necessary stuff on the product line.

2. It’s not only convenient in the operating process, but also the price is reasonable.

3. The principle is that the static of body could be released to the earth through earthing line and wrist band

The principle of cordless wrist band:

According to the principle of corona discharge and discharging at sharp point, the dispatch of voltage is used to remove static. There is no need to match the earthing line. It is fit for environment without static interfering and worker with convenient action.


Product line, CMOS chip, microprocessor, semiconductor, dish drivers, composites, LCD screen product, circuit product line, precision instrument, optics part


The anti-static wrist strap is a device that is worn on the wrist of a human body and vents the accumulated electrostatic charge of the human body. It can effectively protect the components from interference caused by static electricity, and can discharge the static electricity of the human body. The wrist strap and the skin are used. Contact and ensure that the ground wire is grounded directly for this to work. With an anti-static wrist strap, he can safely remove static electricity from the body within 0.1 seconds.

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