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ESD Anti-skid matting
  • ESD Anti-skid matting
  • ESD Anti-skid matting
  • ESD Anti-skid matting
  • ESD Anti-skid matting

ESD Anti-skid matting

ESD Anti-skid matting is made of synthetic rubber. It's mainly used for table or workbench top or floor. It has 2 Layers, top layer is static-dissipative layer, and bottom layer is conductive layer. It's textured surface and anti-skid. The bottom layer can be smooth or also anti-skid type. Various sizes are available, regular color is dull or shinny green, blue and grey, other colors can be customized.

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Model No.: KYD-EP1005

ESD Anti-skid Mats are mainly made of anti-static(conductive) and static-dissipative materials,and synthetic rubber. The surface layer is a 0.5mm thickness static-dissipative layer.The bottom layer is a 1.5mm thickness conductive layer. Generally,2mm thickness double-layer structure is used. The available colors include green,gray,blue,etc. 

ESD Anti-skid Mats are also known as ESD pad mat, ESD floor mat, ESD table mat, ESD workbench mat, ESD dust free mat, Antistatic matting, Anti static heat resistance matting, Anti-skid Mats, etc.

1>Surface treatment: Dull or Shinny with pattern (textured)

2>Color: Green/black, grey/black, blue/black, other colors can be customized

3>Thickness(mm): 2.0 or OEM

4>Layers/Mat: 2

5>Size (m) per roll: 0.6 x10, 0.9 x10, 1.0 x10, 1.2 x10 or OEM

6>Material: It's made of anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials as well as synthetic rubber

7>Resistance of the surface layer(static dissipative layer): 106Ω-109Ω

8>Resistance of the bottom layer (conductive layer): 103Ω-105Ω

9>Bulk Resistvity: 105Ω-108Ω

10>Abrasion rate: <0.02g/cm2

11>Time for static dissipation: <0.1s.

12>Packing: 1 roll/CTN, 36 rolls/wooden pallet

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