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Conductive rubber mat
  • Conductive rubber mat
  • Conductive rubber mat
  • Conductive rubber mat

Conductive rubber mat

Conductive rubber mat is made of synthetic rubber. It's mainly used for table or workbench top or floor. It has 2 Layers, top layer is static-dissipative layer, and bottom layer is conductive layer. It's smooth conductive matting. Various sizes are available, regular thickness is 2mm or 1.8mm.

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Model No.: KYD-EP1004

Conducitve Rubber Mats are mainly made of anti-static(conductive) and static-dissipative materials,and synthetic rubber. The surface layer is a 0.5mm thickness static-dissipative layer.The bottom layer is a 1.5mm thickness conductive layer. Generally, 2mm thickness double-layer structure is used. Surface resistivity of bottom layers is 10E3-10E5.The black color is normally used.

Conductive Rubber Mats are also known as Conductive pad mat, Conductive floor mat, Conductive table mat, Conductive workbench mat, Conductive dust free mat, Antistatic matting, Anti static heat resistance matting, etc.

1>Surface treatment: Dull or Shinny

2>Color: black

3>Thickness(mm): 1.8, 2.0, 3.0 or OEM

4>Layers/Mat: 2

5>Size (m) per roll: 0.6 x10, 0.9 x10, 1.0 x10, 1.2 x10 or OEM

6>Material: It's made of anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials as well as synthetic rubber

7>Resistance of the surface layer(static dissipative layer): 106Ω-109Ω

8>Resistance of the bottom layer (conductive layer): 103Ω-105Ω

9>Bulk Resistvity: 105Ω-108Ω

10>Abrasion rate: <0.02g/cm2

11>Time for static dissipation: <0.1s.

12>Packing: 1 roll/CTN, 36 rolls/wooden pallet

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