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ESD 300° C heat resistant glove
  • ESD 300° C heat resistant glove
  • ESD 300° C heat resistant glove
  • ESD 300° C heat resistant glove

ESD 300° C heat resistant glove

Antistatic heat resistant glove, length 25-45cm, 300° C heat resistant

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Model No.: KYD-CR0417

Size: Length 26cm, another 35/45cm available; width 14cm

Compliant with standards: EN388, EN407

Packing: 1 pair/aluminum foil bag; 30 pairs/carton

Description of gloves: It is made of high temperature resistant special dust-free and anti-static fabric. The palms and backs of the hands can withstand high temperature of 300 °C. The gloves are made of 98% dust-free and high temperature resistant fabrics plus 2% antistatic yarns. The gloves can withstand high temperatures up to 300°C, and it has antistatic function.

Features: flame retardant, high temperature resistance, low dust-free, wear-resistant, anti-static.

Materials: The surface is made of anti-static strip or grid fabric, and the inside is an anti-static heat insulation layer. The temperature resistance lasts for 25s-35s. The surface is free of powder or particulate contamination and will not contaminate a dust-free environment. It has anti-static silk lining with low thermal conductivity, non-flammable, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and high strength to prevent the lining from peeling off and pilling caused by wearing off.

Application: semiconductor, optoelectronic industry, SMT, precision assembly, pharmaceutical industry, optical industry, etc.

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