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M-3 wipes
  • M-3 wipes
  • M-3 wipes
  • M-3 wipes

M-3 wipes

M-3 lint free wipes spunbond filament fabric made from Plants cellulose and antistatic material. Binder-free, high absorbency, softness, biodegradable

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Model No.: M-3
Material: Spunbond filament fabric made from Plants cellulose and antistatic material
Color: White
Size: 25*25cm/pcs
Packaging: 100 pcs/bag, 30 bags/box
Weight: 35g/m2
Certificate: SGS

1. Can quickly absorb moisture and oil film

2. Strong wiping force, the paper is soft and does not hurt the surface of the wipe

3. Low dust generation, not easy to fluff and dander

4. Tight structure and good tensile strength

5. The material has natural anti-static function

6. The product is pure and free of impurities and can be completely burned

7. In humid environment, the wiping performance is also better

8. Excellent heat resistance, high temperature carbonization decomposition without additives

9. Unique mesh, stronger dust holding capacity

10. Soft as cloth and clean as paper


Product performance: super absorbent, low ion content, not easy to produce scratches

Application industry:
Semiconductor production line, microelectronics production, LCD/LED display, optical products, precision instruments, laboratory optical electronic parts, printing industry, SMT stencil cleaning and cleaning and wiping of precision instruments.

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