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Sticky Silicon Roller
  • Sticky Silicon Roller
  • Sticky Silicon Roller
  • Sticky Silicon Roller

Sticky Silicon Roller

2" Sticky Silicon Roller KYD-CR0803

4" Sticky Silicon Roller KYD-CR0804

6" Sticky Silicon Roller KYD-CR0805

8" Sticky Silicon Roller KYD-CR0806

10" Sticky Silicon Roller KYD-CR0807

12" Sticky Silicon Roller KYD-CR0808

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Material: Silicon

Size: 2" , 4", 6", 8", 10", 12"

The sticky roller, the sticky wheel and the dust removing roller are self-adhesive dust removing products, which can quickly remove tiny particles, impurities, fibers, copper scraps, dust, etc. generated during the production process of various electronic products, thereby improving the yield of electronic products.It can be used in conjunction with sticky paper to ensure long-term self-adhesiveness of the rubber wheel.
High, medium and low viscosity selection, formula ensures high viscosity and durability, not easy to aging, no chipping, anti-static, moisture, moisture, friction, non-toxic, rust-free and pollution-free; feel comfortable when used, and the roller rotates freely.
Circuit board, PCB, LCD process, light guide, film precision printing, SMT, clean room, electronic semiconductor and other industries when producing products, cleaning tools required for surface treatment.

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