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ESD double sided tape
  • ESD double sided tape
  • ESD double sided tape
  • ESD double sided tape
  • ESD double sided tape
  • ESD double sided tape

ESD double sided tape

ESD double sided kapton tape is also a kind of heat resistant tape. The length is 10m per roll, thickness is 0.1mm, width is 10-1200mm can be cut depends on your requirement.

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1.Model No.: KYD-EP2537
2.Size: Length 10-1200mm, length10m, thickness 0.1mm
3.Material: Polyimide film

4.Baching Substrates (thickness): 0.0250mm ± 5% tolerance 
5.Adhesive (thickness): 0.035mm ± 5% tolerance
6.Adhesive: Silicone (silicone)
7.Color : Amber (tea yellow)
8.Tensile strength : 20kg/25mm ±5% tolerance 
9.Adhesive: 585g/25mm ±5% tolerance 
10.Temperature Resistance : 300°C 
11.Insulation Class : H ( 6000 KV )

Storage: at 5-25℃, 65% relative humidity, in a dry environment; avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (above 40 ℃) and high humidity (75%RH). Storage period: one year from the date of receipt by the customer .

1. During the SMT process, the thermocouple wire is pasted when the reflow furnace measures the temperature of the furnace.

2. In the SMT process, it is used to paste a flexible circuit board (FPC) on the jig, thereby performing a series of processes such as printing, patching, and testing.

3. Can be used on the cable as an insulating tape.

4. Can be attached to the connector for the placement machine to take material, thus replacing the iron piece.

5. Can be die-cut into any other shape for some special purposes.

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