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ESD Anti-fatigue Mat
  • ESD Anti-fatigue Mat
  • ESD Anti-fatigue Mat

ESD Anti-fatigue Mat

ESD Anti-fatigue Mat available with various sizes. It's a 3 layers structure floor matting. Regular color is yellow edge+black in the middle part. And it also has black and green colors.
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Model No.: KYD-EP1006

Material: Three-layer structure, the upper and bottom layers are wear-resistant anti-static PVC/conductive rubber, and the middle layer is elastic urethane resin foam.

Yellow edge on two sides+black in the middle, black, green

Available Size: 0.9x0.6m x15mm, 0.6x0.45m x15mm, 0.9x0.6m x20mm, 0.6x0.45m x20mm, 0.9x0.6m x25mm, 0.6x0.45m x25mm. Also can customize the size based on your detail requirement. It can be roll mat, too.



1.Using advanced production technology, static dissipative surface resistance of 108-109Ω.The surface resistance is 103-105Ω, permanently prevent static electricity.

2.Composite layer structure of an effective cushion foot pressure, alleviate fatigue.

3.The surface with yellow warning side, naturally formed anti-static protected areas.

4.Clean and convenient, easy-to-move does not affect the normal working environment.

5.Surface non-slip design, can be acid and alkali solvents, use more secure.
6.Flexible, strong resilience, easy to clean, easy to move, reduce vibration.
7.The products and tools dropped during the protection operation are not damaged, thereby reducing the production cost.
8.The surface is steel pattern or spherical pattern anti-skid design, improve employee health index and safety factor.
9.Relieve blood circulation pressure in the foot, reduce body fatigue 50%, thereby increasing work efficiency by more than 30%.



1.No anti-static environment of the local area and processes the use of anti-static;                                   

2.Suitable for anti-static area (especially the ground) the transformation of the economy a simple and effective anti-static anti-fatigue measures;


3.Suitable for long-standing station use, the supermarket checkout, petrol filling-stations,workshops,laboratories.


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