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ESD Tray
  • ESD Tray
  • ESD Tray

ESD Tray

ESD tray for components with various sizes

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1>ESD protection Surface Resistance:10e5-10e9 ohm

3>ESD tray for components with various sizes

4>Injection molding, material: PP

5>ECO-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion

6>Light weight, convenient to move, and easy to shape

7>Smooth & cleanable surface


All standard sizes we have as below:

KYD-EP1808   Outer size 155×100×55mm, inner size 135×85×50mm

KYD-EP1809   Outer size 205×134×65mm, inner size 180×120×60mm

KYD-EP1810   Outer size 255×177×77mm, inner size 220×160×70mm

KYD-EP1811   Outer size 305×200×90mm, inner size 270×185×80mm

KYD-EP1821   Outer size 370×250×65mm, inner size 345×225×60mm

KYD-EP1822   Outer size 440×295×80mm, inner size 410×265×75mm

KYD-EP1823   Outer size 560×375×75mm, inner size 525×340×70mm

KYD-EP1824   Outer size 320×235×43mm, inner size 310×225×35mm

KYD-EP1825   Outer size 480×328×42mm, inner size 445×292×35mm

KYD-EP1826   Outer size 440×290×50mm, inner size 400×265×45mm

KYD-EP1827   Outer size 615×420×95mm, inner size 570×370×90mm

KYD-EP1828   Outer size 450×300×45mm, inner size 430×280×38mm

KYD-EP1829   Outer size 225×165×29mm, inner size 213×153×23mm

KYD-EP1830   Outer size 285×195×26mm, inner size 272×182×24mm

KYD-EP1844   Outer size 440×290×75mm, inner size 407×267×68mm

KYD-EP1845   Outer size 450×300×60mm, inner size 430×280×50mm

KYD-EP1846   Outer size 322×295×26mm, inner size 310×283×23mm

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