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ESD Cart
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ESD Cart

ESD cart is also known as wire mesh stainless steel cart, storage turnover cart, warehouse sorting cart, anti-static cart, storage rack, movable stainless steel shelf, grid turnover cart, batching cart, wire mesh cart, anti-static turnover cart, tool cart with wheels

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1.Model No.: KYD-EP2018

2.Material: imported carbon steel

3.Surface: After three times of electroplating (plating) treatment, it is dust-proof and not easy to rust.

4.Line surface: the main line diameter is 6.0mm, the surface line diameter is 3.0mm, the wave line diameter is 4.5mm, and the network line spacing is 17mm.

5.Column: pipe diameter 25.4mm, wall thickness 1.2mm

6.Common specifications: L355/457/533/609/910/1060/1215/1518/1822mm


                                          H: Customized based on your demands
7.Available styles: with or without 4 castors, with or without 1 or 2 'U' handle


1. The number of layers is optional, and the free adjustment of layer spacing is not fixed.

2. The single-layer load-bearing depends on the size of the shelf, 150-250Kg, which is necessary for warehouse storage in the factory workshop.

3. Exquisite appearance, bright and clean. Store display, household items can be.

4. Easy to install, no tools required.

5. This shelf is made of carbon steel plated and ironed, the design is flexible and changeable, and the combination can be adjusted at will. A slot-shaped clip is used between the cone sleeve and the column, so that the mesh will not slide down after being loaded, and the sturdiness of the mesh frame is increased.

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