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ESD Grid Tape
  • ESD Grid Tape
  • ESD Grid Tape
  • ESD Grid Tape

ESD Grid Tape

ESD grid tape is available with black transparent and yellow transparent antistatic grid.The length is 36m per roll, thickness is 0.06mm, width is 10-960mm can be cut depends on your requirement.
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Model No.: KYD-EP2538

Size: Width 10-960mm can be cut, length 36m per roll, thickness 0.06mm
Color: black transparent or yellow transparent with antistatic grid
Description: Made of anti-static OPP material, it only produces electrostatic voltage below 50V (general tape ≥5000V), which greatly reduces the ESD hazard caused by product packaging. · Friction band voltage: < 50V · Static discharge time: < 0.5s · Anti-static index can reach 10e6-10e9. It is used for all kinds of electronic components and dustproof products.
Product structure: The pressure sensitive adhesive with antistatic agent is coated on the surface of OPP film, which is made after antistatic treatment.

1. It is used for circuit board, notebook computer, mobile phone communication, etc. It needs external packaging of anti-static products and use of clean room.
2. Suitable for pasting electrostatic sensitive devices, packaging bag sealing and other electronic products packaging.

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