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ESD Circulating Box
  • ESD Circulating Box
  • ESD Circulating Box
  • ESD Circulating Box
  • ESD Circulating Box
  • ESD Circulating Box
  • ESD Circulating Box

ESD Circulating Box

ESD Circulation Box for Storage, Antistatic Container, antistatic box with cover
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1>ESD protection Surface Resistance:10e5-10e9 ohm


3>Many sizes of ESD boxes are available with cover.

4>Max load weight 30kg

5>With ESD cover

6>Injection molding, material: PP

7>ECO-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion

8>Light weight, convenient to move, and easy to shape

9>Smooth & cleanable surface


The role of the anti-static box cover:

The anti-static  box is a commonly used tool in electronics factories, but it is not necessary to use a cover. So do you need to wear an anti-static cover? Generally, it is necessary to cover the cover, and the cover of the esd box can provide sufficient shielding for the circuit board inside, and can also provide ESD safety for the interior. If the cover is removed, any stray electric field can cause the charging of a number of individual conductors on the board. These induced charges are the source of ESD. The potential sources of stray electric fields are many: people, clothes, ungrounded revolving cars, displays, furniture, any ungrounded conductor, any insulator, electromagnetic interference, etc.

The circuit board in the open esd box will cause problems with the internal equipment when it is transported by the grounding vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the anti-static box with an anti-static cover during transportation.

All standard sizes we have as below:

KYD-EP1905, KYD-EP1906, KYD-EP1907, KYD-EP1909, KYD-EP1911, KYD-EP1922, KYD-EP1923, KYD-EP1925, KYD-EP1926 are available with cover

KYD-EP1903  Outer size 360×270×135mm, Inner size 320×240×125mm

KYD-EP1904  Outer size 410×305×145mm, Inner size 380×280×145mm

KYD-EP1905  Outer size 500×360×175mm, Inner size 440×320×165mm

KYD-EP1906  Outer size 560×420×240mm, Inner size 510×390×235mm

KYD-EP1907  Outer size 560×420×300mm, Inner size 510×390×290mm

KYD-EP1909  Outer size 565×420×380mm, Inner size 510×390×370mm

KYD-EP1911  Outer size 600×500×360mm, Inner size 560×460×355mm

KYD-EP1916  Outer size 530×370×210mm, Inner size 490×330×200mm

KYD-EP1921  Outer size 380×240×105mm, Inner size 340×220×90mm

KYD-EP1922  Outer size 610×500×400mm, Inner size 560×455×390mm

KYD-EP1923  Outer size 620×430×200mm, Inner size 580×395×190mm

KYD-EP1924  Outer size 610×415×245mm, Inner size 580×380×240mm

KYD-EP1925  Outer size 620×425×320mm, Inner size 580×395×310mm

KYD-EP1926  Outer size 620×430×250mm, Inner size 580×395×243mm

KYD-EP1927  Outer size 580×368×165mm, Inner size 535×345×155mm

KYD-EP1967  Outer  size 660×405×160mm, Inner size 620×360×150mm

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