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Do Personnel Working in Cleanroom Require Training?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2023-06-29

 The clean room is an essential production workshop in many industries. According to the different production environment requirements, the clean room is also divided into grades, ten, one hundred, one thousand, etc., and the requirements for the staff are correspondingly higher. The ease with which ordinary workshop work comes, is a must. Therefore, the staff must be trained after entering the job, so as to strictly demand themselves.


The training of clean room staff is generally based on the following points:

1. Practice taking off personal clean clothes and keep them in accordance with the prescribed method.

2. Practice wearing clean clothes according to the prescribed method.

3. Practice hand washing and drying according to the prescribed methods, and use special clean room tissues.

4. Practice walking without dragging your feet.

5. Practice cleaning and decontamination of items brought into the clean room.

6. Practice using clean and heavy fire fighting equipment.

7. Practice emergency evacuation from the clean room.

8. The use of clean work clothes and the cleaning requirements of clean clothes.

9. Procedures for the use of purification equipment and systems, and troubleshooting methods;

10. Methods and regulations for cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of clean rooms.

12. Clean room safety facilities and safety management regulations.

The clean room as a whole will have higher requirements than ordinary production workshops in terms of environment, equipment, personnel, etc. Therefore, in order to produce more secure products, the training of personnel is imperative and indispensable.
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