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The composition of the soldering tips' material

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2023-01-30

The soldering tips head (soldering iron nozzle) is mainly composed of copper, iron, nickel, chromium and tin five kinds of metal materials.

The main body is copper, copper is the choice of red (purple) copper, copper - as a heat conductor, is the main component of the iron head (soldering iron nozzle). Accounting for about 85% of the iron head material, copper has good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to the rapid heating of the iron head. Good iron head is made of copper. At present, some manufacturers use brass, or even direct iron, for profit, to reduce the cost, but also reduce the thermal conductivity effect of the iron head.

From inside to outside the second layer is iron, iron - plays the role of corrosion resistance, is the key factor affecting the service life of the iron head (soldering iron nozzle). Good iron head iron plating layer crystal structure is fine and dense, good corrosion resistance, such as iron head long service life, good tin effect. Iron plating technology is not good manufacturers mainly rely on the thickness of iron plating layer to control the service life of the iron head, usually there will be thick iron plating layer of iron head is not tin, thin is not durable.

From the inside out the third layer is nickel, nickel - play the role of iron plating layer rust prevention, and easy to chrome plating behind.

From the inside out the fourth layer is chromium, chromium - non-stick tin, prevent (climbing tin) when using the tin to the iron head (soldering iron nozzle) on the body. General soldering iron head chrome plating time in more than 5 minutes, ordinary decorative chrome plating in about 1 minute.

The fifth layer is tin, mainly in the part to be used, tin - in the head, in the use of the part of the sticky tin, the size of tin will also affect the use of the iron head.