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How to lay the anti-static workbench mat normally?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-08-05

The role of the anti-static workbench pad is very large. When laying it, you must follow the correct steps. Let's take a look.


A) Environmental requirements for laying anti-static workbench mats


The humidity required for laying the mat of the anti-static workbench is 40%-60%, and the temperature requirement is 10℃-25℃.


B) Step requirements for laying anti-static workbench mats


1. Be prepared and clean


Before laying the anti-static workbench mat, be sure to clean the anti-static workbench surface first, and choose the most suitable cleaning agent. The cleaning agent can be made in china or imported, as long as it is specially selected for removal Oily cleaner. If there is oil on the anti-static workbench, it is not recommended to use a cleaning agent containing xylene. If someone inhales it, it will cause great harm to the body.


2. Choose the correct grounding method


There are two main grounding methods. The first is to use anti-static grounding buckles, and the second is to lay copper foil on the anti-static workbench. If you choose the anti-static grounding wire buckle, you need to embed the pre-cut anti-static workbench pad; if the grounding method selected is copper foil, the correct step is to first lay the anti-static workbench according to the grounding method. It is required to first lay the copper strips or aluminum strips with the measured quantity and length on the anti-static workbench, and then use the copper foil or aluminum foil to reserve a length for connecting the ground wire. The purpose of this is to allow static electricity to pass through. The ground wire is released to the ground.


3. To fix the anti-static workbench pad


When the grounding method is determined, you can follow the steps to complete the relevant operations, and then you can lay the anti-static workbench mat. The specific steps are, first, clean the countertop to make sure it is dry, and then apply conductive glue, or apply a strong double-sided tape to fix it, you need to wait about 10-30 minutes, until conductive When the super glue does not stick to the hand, you can glue the anti-static table mat and the table together, and then use a roller or a small rolling or beating to make the two surfaces straight, and put it into use 24 hours after the installation is completed.


As for the laying method of the anti-static workbench mat, everyone should have mastered it. Note that every step must be carefully operated. If the laying of the mat is not standardized, it will affect the use of the anti-static workbench in the later stage. If you still can't master the relevant skills, you can consult the special responsible person until you have mastered the correct method, and then proceed to the next step.