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What kinds of anti-static gloves are there?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-08-01

Anti-static gloves are one of the most important protective equipment in industrial production. They are mainly used to prevent fingers from directly contacting components and prevent static electricity generated by the human body from causing aging or damage to components through fingers. However, there is not only one type of anti-static gloves. What exactly does it have?


◎Double-sided anti-static gloves, the back and palm of the gloves are made of knitted polyester anti-static fabric, which has a small amount of elasticity. Generally, the distance between conductive fibers is about 1.0cm. Because it is sewn, there are seams, so it is not recommended for use in a clean room.


◎Single-sided anti-static gloves, this kind of gloves is divided into point plastic gloves and slip surface gloves, that is, the back of the hand is anti-static fabric, and the palm is PVC point plastic or PU slip surface. It is also not recommended to be used in dust-free workshops.


◎Anti-static rubberized gloves, as the name implies, are gloves coated with PU resin on the fingers or palms. Carbon fiber is added to the coated fingers to play an anti-static effect. This kind of gloves is woven with seamless weave and has no seams. It is suitable for dust-free workshop use.


◎Carbon fiber anti-static gloves are woven with seamless weaving method. Conductive fibers are added when knitting gloves to achieve anti-static effect. It can be glued on the palm or finger surface or made into plastic gloves.