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What Workers Should Pay Attention To in Static-sensitive Areas Of The Workshop?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-06-15

In some electronics, microelectronics and other production workshops, electrostatic protection is a very necessary and quite complicated project. In addition to the equipment and configuration in the workshop that need to be anti-static, workers on the production line should also pay close attention to the anti-static wire. Can't relax. So, what should workers pay attention to when they are in static-sensitive areas?

1. The company's static control procedures must be followed and implemented within the static-sensitive area, and non-essential static-generating substances, such as general plastic products, polystyrene foam, etc., must not be brought into this area. And do not bring unauthorized equipment into the protected area.

2. Staff in static-sensitive areas must wear anti-static shoes with static-dissipative soles and anti-static clothing to avoid static electricity.

3. Workers should avoid wearing loose, hanging overalls, accessories, etc. When working, in order to avoid touching static-sensitive components, they should keep a distance of more than 15 cm between static-sensitive components and clothing.

4. Always pay attention to the electrostatic safety protection area signs in the working environment. If you enter these areas, you should follow the company's electrostatic protection procedures, including isolating all persons or objects that may generate static electricity from the protection area. In addition, check and confirm that all sensitive components passing through the electrostatic protection area are marked with appropriate and obvious electrostatic protection labels.

Workers' usual good work habits can build a good reputation for an enterprise. Enterprises should also pay more attention to the strict training of workers. This is a must-have for workers to take up jobs after training. Every enterprise should strictly abide by it. This is for workers. Responsible, but also the guarantee of their own corporate reputation.