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KYD website has been updated with new products

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-04-30

Welcome to visit KYD website. It has been updated in May, 2022 with many new ESD products. Like ESD file folders KYD-EP2504A, Anti-static document basket KYD-EP2504B, ESD ESD waste bins with different volume and styles KYD-EP2515A and ESD TRASHBIN KYD-EP2515B, ESD broom and dustpan KYD-EP2514, Needle Dispenser 2oz KYD-EP2517, Workstation Monitor SE707, 30CK ESD-Safe Hog Hair Brush, Anti-static acrylic sheet KYD-EP0507, etc.