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Cleanroom white finger cot
  • Cleanroom white finger cot
  • Cleanroom white finger cot
  • Cleanroom white finger cot
  • Cleanroom white finger cot

Cleanroom white finger cot

100% pure Latex white color finger cots

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Model No.: KYD-CR0423

Powder Free;Rolled

Raw Materials:100% pure natural latex

Without plasticizers,silicone oil and amide

Color: White

Size: S (width 26±2mm), M (width 28±2mm), L (width 30±2mm)
Length: 70±5mm

Thickness: 0.12mm

Tensile strength (Mpa): ≥24 (Ref. standard: ASTM D3772/D412)

Max strength(%): ≥750 (Ref. standard: ASTM D3772/D412)

Surface resistance (Ω/cm2): ≤1011

Application: Cleanroom class 100 (Ref. standard: ANSI/ESD-STM 11.11, ASTM D257)

Packing: 500g/bag, about 1000pcs/bag, 30 bags/CTN. 

It is made of anti-static glue and latex, without silicone oil and ammonia, which can effectively prevent static electricity. Special cleaning treatments reduce ions, residues, fine dust and other contaminants. Strictly control the generation of static electricity, suitable for operating static sensitive parts, low dust treatment, suitable for clean rooms.

Surface resistance: <10E10

Initial voltage: 10KV, final voltage: 0V, dissipation speed: ≦1.25 seconds.

Tested at room temperature of 26°C and 45% relative humidity.

Storage conditions: low temperature, dry, dark.

Anti-static finger cots can avoid skin allergies and prevent sweat stains on fingertips from contaminating components. The ultra-thin fingertips facilitate flexible operation of fingers, and the appropriate internal tightening design avoids finger fatigue, which is economical and applicable. And can safely discharge the human body electrostatic charge brought by the operator.

Application: It is suitable for wearing in semiconductor industry, electronics factory, optoelectronic industry, medicine, chemical industry, laboratory and other fields.

Warm Tips:

1. When used for waterproofing, please check for air leakage first, blow your breath into the sleeve, and then pinch the mouth tightly to see if the sleeve has become smaller. If it does not become smaller, it means that there is no air leakage and can be used.

2. It can't be worn for a long time. If you feel your fingertips are swollen, numb, or purple, you should take it off immediately and lift your finger up, and it will slowly recover as before.

3. Dry in the shade after use and can be used repeatedly.

4. When it is difficult to wear after repeated use, you can put some prickly heat powder or talcum powder to lubricate it.

5. Avoid sharp objects, such as needles, scissors, toothpicks, etc.

6. When taking it, roll it from top to bottom, so that it is easy to take off and not easy to break, so it is easy to wear next time.

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