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HAKKO Soldering tips
  • HAKKO Soldering tips

HAKKO Soldering tips

HAKKO T12 series soldering tips mainly suit for HAKKO 942/950/951/952/202/203/204/206 soldering stations and FX-9501/HAKKO 912/FM-2027/2028 handles
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Model No.: HAKKO T12 series

Tip soldering tips 9 models: T12-B,T12-B2,T12-B3,T12-B4,T12-BL,T12-BZ,T12-B2Z,T12-WB2,T12-WB2

Horseshoe soldering tips 16 models: T12-BC1,T12-BC2,T12-BC3, T12-BC1Z,T12-BC2Z,T12-BC3Z,T12-BCF1,T12-BCF2,T12-BCF3, T12-BCF1Z,T12-BCF2Z,T12-BCF3Z,T12-C1,T12-C4,T12-CF4,T12-C4Z

Plain end soldering tips 18 models: T12-D08,T12-D12,T12-D16,T12-D24,T12-D4L,T12-D52,T12-DL08,T12-DL12,T12-DL32,T12-DL52,T12-D12Z,T12-D16Z,T12-D24Z,T12-D4Z,T12-WD08,T12-WD12,T12-WD16,T12-WD52

Pole tip nozzle soldering tips 4 models: T12-I,T12-IL,T12-ILS,T12-WI

Bent needle tip soldering tips 3 models: T12-J02,T12-JL02,12-JS02

The knife type nozzle soldering tips 7 models: T12-K,T12-KF,T12-KL,T12-KR,T12-KU,T12-KFZ,T12-KRZ

The spatula type soldering tips 6 models: T12-1401,T12-1402,T12-1403,T12-1404,T12-1405,T12-1406



It is made of refined copper as the main material, with excellent thermal conductivity and special iron plating process, which is corrosion, anti-oxidation and long life. Extremely invasive, ductile, easy to tin, rounded solder joints; scientific and rigorous chemical inspection, balanced inductors, stable quality, lead-free materials, lead-free environment manufacturing, to ensure compliance with lead-free process requirements.


The sensor is fully pre-positioned and sensitive to temperature changes; the heater core is mounted inside a small-volume soldering iron tip with minimal heat loss. The two characteristics have achieved the extraordinary heating capacity of the T12 soldering iron head, and truly achieved the smoothness of the 350 degree low temperature lead-free soldering.


Applicable soldering stations: HAKKO 942/950/951/952/202/203/204/206 soldering stations

Applicable handles: FX-9501/HAKKO 912/FM-2027/2028 handles

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