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How to maintain the soldering tips

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2023-01-30

1. because of the relationship between electroplating, do not use knife file or grinding iron head;

2. it is recommended to use fresh solder coating on the iron head when heating, in order to remove the oxide covered in the above;

3. welding, as far as possible to choose neutral active flux;

4. clean iron head application of the original production of clean sponge, and add some water, and then precipitation squeezed dry, can not be wiped with cloth;

5. keep the working surface has been coated with tin, only before use to wipe, and immediately after use on tin;

6. if the iron head is not tin, use flux and cleaning sponge to clean the surface of the iron head;

7. If the welding temperature is higher than 350°C and the work is suspended for more than 10 minutes, the iron head should be cleaned up and the power supply should be turned off after the new tin.

8. before closing the welding table, do not remove the excess solder on the iron head, these excess tin will protect the tin surface in the case of the iron head back to heat, prevent oxidation;

9. should avoid the use of anti-bite solder (except thread head), otherwise it will affect the function of the iron head;

10. if the bite occurs, try to remove the iron head when the waste heat of the iron;

11. In order to prevent occlusion, the soldering iron head can be removed from the welding pen at intervals;

It is recommended to add distilled water to the sponge, because most tap water contains minerals that will corrode the tip of the iron;

12. The storage of the used iron head should pay attention to the following:

a. Clean the soldering iron tip with a cleaning sponge;

b. Wrap the tip of the soldering iron with solder

c. Turn off the power to cool the iron tip

d. Place the soldering pen on the soldering iron support.