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How to prevent static electricity most effectively?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-08-10
1. Wipe with a dryer sheet

Use a dryer sheet to wipe down upholstered furniture or seating to reduce static buildup on these surfaces. The dryer sheet can help neutralize the charge. You can also try spraying some anti-static spray in these areas.


2. Change clothes frequently

Do not wear synthetic fiber clothing such as polyester and nylon, and replace it with natural fiber clothing such as cotton that is not prone to static electricity.

If you still feel static after changing clothes, you can wipe the clothes with a dryer sheet or spray a little hairspray.


3. Wear shoes that dissipate static electricity

Shoes with leather soles have a good effect on mitigating electric shock, while rubber soles can build up and generate static electricity.

Try on different shoes to see which are the least likely to produce shocks. If you can, walk around the house barefoot.

The soles of shoes worn by some employees in the electronics industry are woven with conductive threads, which will release static electricity when walking.


4. Attach safety pins to clothing

Attach the safety pin to the seam of your trousers or the back neckline of your shirt. The metal part of the pin absorbs and discharges the charge that builds up in the garment, preventing static adsorption and shock.

Pinning the pin to the seam of the pants not only covers the pin, but also has the benefit of reducing static electricity.


5. Hang clothes on metal hangers

If the clothes are static, brush the front or back of the clothes with a metal hanger, or hang the clothes on a metal hanger to reduce the charge by transferring the charge from the clothes to the metal hanger.