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How to choose an anti-static work chair that suits you?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-07-23

In fact, there are many types of anti-static work chairs, and the prices are also very different. Once you choose the most suitable anti-static work chair, you can meet the needs of production and other aspects, and you can greatly save resources. So let's take this opportunity to see how to choose an anti-static work chair that suits you?


Feature 1: Flexible adjustment 

To be precise, the height adjustment range of anti-static work chairs is generally between 480-620 mm, and of course, different heights can be customized. The surface resistivity of the anti-static work chair is 10^6Ω-10^9Ω, and the most basic form of system resistance:≤10^9Ω. As for its configuration, it is plastic feet, carbon steel chrome-plated feet, and also involves anti-static casters, which are easy to move and fix the foot cup, and the pneumatic lifting rod and conductive chain of the anti-static work chair are basically iron and copper. of.


Features 2: Anti-static chair Electric injection molding chair has a variety of fixing methods

As far as the material of the anti-static work chair is concerned, it is made of conductive plastic surface. The legs of the chair are in the form of metal pipes sprayed with anti-static paint. The basic resistance value is 10 to the 4th power - 10 to the 6th power. In between, and the conventional height of anti-static work chairs is generally about 45 cm. In addition to some basic forms, the anti-static work chair can also increase a certain height according to the position of the workbench, and the chair legs can be fixed by processing characters, or four horizontal bars can be used for fixing according to customized requirements.


Feature 3: Anti-static PU foam chair has high purification level

From the perspective of attaching importance to the level of purification, the basic material of the seat surface of the anti-static work chair is prepared by black PU foam molding. In terms of size, the seat is 320x300mm, and the adjustable height range is basically between 460-600mm. The surface resistivity is 10^6Ω-10^9Ω, and the systemic resistance is ≤10^9Ω, and this purification level also reaches the 1000-level form. The basic configuration of different anti-static work chairs are high-strength integral die-casting chrome-plated aluminum alloy feet, and high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy wheels, which are very reliable static-conducting chairs. This style can also be equipped with fixed feet and anti-static. The work chair is designed with adjustable foot rings and metal conductive chains on the upper and lower sides.


The three types described above are the basic characteristics of some common anti-static work chairs, but they are also some important manifestations that can best summarize the characteristics of anti-static work chairs. After careful study, it is not difficult to find anti-static work chairs. There are also many characteristics, so we must pay attention to the performance and characteristics.