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Do you know the use of anti-static finger cots?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-07-22
We are all familiar with anti-static gloves, but anti-static finger cots may not be known to some people. Anti-static finger cots are made of pure natural latex and have very good protection for fingers, preventing fingerprints, sweat and other contamination. Contaminated with the product, the operator can avoid direct contact with electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely discharge the human body electrostatic charge brought by the operator. So what are the uses of anti-static finger cots?

One of the most common uses of anti-static finger cots is to be used in dust-free workshops. In high-precision optoelectronics and pharmaceutical industries, staff wearing them will prevent dust in the air from adhering to the product, thus ensuring the quality and purity of the product.


There are also many uses in daily life

1. Wear it when picking colored vegetables such as seaweed moss, wormwood, and nepeta to prevent the hands from being stained by vegetable juice; wear it when peeling shelled foods such as peanuts and edamame to prevent the hands from being rubbed and worn.

2. Anti-static finger covers should be worn when taking a bath after fingers and toes are injured to prevent water from entering the wound and causing infection.

3. Count the banknotes, wear them on the fingers when distributing newspapers, the hands are not slippery, easy to count, and the hands are not dirty

4. Take CDs, beads, etc., without leaving fingerprints and sweat stains

5. Wear it on your hand when doing manual work to prevent wear and tear

6. When packaging items in plastic bags, the mouth of the bag is not easy to be opened, and it is easy to handle with finger cots on.

7. When writing on the blackboard with chalk, put a finger cot on the thumb, index finger and middle finger to prevent the chalk from grinding hands, which is very suitable for teachers.


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