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How to choose an anti-static work chairs correctly?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-07-22

Anti-static chairs have the special function of anti-static, which can eliminate static electricity, so they are widely used in electronic production workshops, laboratories, dust-free workshops, etc. Since there are many types of anti-static chairs and the prices vary widely, it is necessary to choose a suitable anti-static chair to meet the needs without causing waste of resources. So in the face of the current mainstream anti-static work chairs, how should you choose an anti-static chair that suits you?


Main categories of anti-static work chairs: At present, the mainstream anti-static work chairs in the market include PU foam anti-static chairs, anti-static leather chairs, and anti-static standing chairs.


Buying suggestions:


1>.PU foam anti-static chair, which is integrally formed with anti-static PU material, including stamping and forming steel plate inserts, which conforms to the requirements of human body curve. Electronics industry standard. It is suitable for 1-100 class dust-free purification workshop, such as the workplace is a clean room, dust-proof requirements are very high, it is recommended that you buy this.
KYD-CR1107 footrest+castor.png

2>.Anti-static leather chair is designed according to ergonomics and adopts HK leather imported from Korea. The inner layer is wrapped with a new foamed high-elasticity sponge. The seat feels comfortable and soft. The leather is not easy to move relative to the sponge and is easily damaged and not easy Therefore, this anti-static leather chair is suitable for 100-10000 class purification workshop, which is durable and extremely comfortable. If you want an anti-static chair with better comfort, it is recommended to buy an anti-static leather chair.
KYD-CR1113 footrest+stud.png

3>. Anti-static standing chair, the seat material is the same as that of the PU foam chair. This chair can reduce the fatigue of the operator, reduce the pressure of the body weight on the tail vertebra and legs, and effectively ensure the health of the operator. If the working environment requires the height of the chair, it is recommended to purchase an anti-static standing chair.

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