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How to store frequently used anti-static clothing?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-07-05

Anti-static clothing is already a necessary work clothes for many production and processing industries. Due to the particularity of anti-static clothing, it cannot be worn and stored casually like ordinary clothes, and it is also impossible to take anti-static clothing out.

Anti-static work clothes have high requirements for dust-free performance and anti-static performance. Anti-static clothing that has been used for a long time may affect its dust-free performance and anti-static performance due to the accumulation of fine dust. to clean.

So when using anti-static clothing daily, how should it be stored? Generally, we will set up a special dust-free changing room. The cabinets for storing anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes must be very clean, and there is no foreign matter and dust contaminating the clothing. Never store food or metal objects in the wardrobe. In addition, the cabinets that store anti-static clothing need to be regularly disinfected to maintain relative temperature and humidity. Because of certain temperature and humidity conditions, rancidity and mildew may occur.

Anti-static clothing plays a huge role in industrial production, so it is recommended to require employees to protect anti-static clothing, wear anti-static clothing in strict accordance with the requirements, and regularly inspect and clean anti-static clothing.