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How to extend the use time of PP anti-static corrugated sheet?

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-07-05

PP anti-static hollow board is widely used in various industries, and hollow board has become an indispensable packaging material in logistics and transportation industries. In order to better improve the utilization rate of PP anti-static hollow board, we should pay attention to PP anti-static hollow board To prolong the use time of the board, the following KYD anti-static hollow board manufacturers will introduce how to extend the use time of PP anti-static hollow board.

Precautions for transportation of PP hollow board: It must be placed flat on a clean flat pallet with an area larger than the board. If necessary, it should be properly tied to avoid vibration and sliding. Pay attention to protect the edge of the board from damage and keep the double-sided protective film intact. .

PP anti-static hollow board storage precautions: PP hollow board should be stored indoors, never allow direct sunlight or rain; stack it by hand, and the stacking height should not exceed two meters. There should be no heavy objects on the board, and there should be no hard objects between the boards. The storage room must be kept clean, dry and free from dust intrusion. Other chemicals should not be stored indoors at the same time. During storage, do not damage or remove the protective film.

Precautions for cleaning PP hollow board: When cleaning, it must be washed with warm water below 60 ℃, and neutral detergent should be used at the same time. Ask to scrub gently with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral fluid. Do not use rough cloths, brushes, mops and other hard and sharp tools for cleaning.

Unsuitable cleaning agents are alkaline solutions, which will attack the surface of the board. Esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons and all substances that can dissolve or swell polycarbonate are prohibited.