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Advantages and usage of hospital sticky dust pads

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-07-05

Hospital sticky dust pads are used at the entrance of the operating room and between the buffer areas.

a. How to use:

1. When using the sticky dust pad, first tear off the protective layer of the rubber surface from the opening on the back, and then place it flat on a clean and water-free floor, and use the sole to press the sticky dust pad on the ground, and then Peel off the protective layer from the opening on the front;

2. When the mucous membrane of the sticky dust pad is full of dirt, it is peeled off and a new layer of mucous membrane underneath is used, so there is no need to clean and wash;

3. Non-slip and pollution-free, will not be damaged by shoes or wheels, easy to remove and leave no traces.

b. Advantages:

1. It can effectively remove the dust on the soles and wheels, minimize the impact of dust on the quality of the purified environment, and solve the problem that ordinary floor mats are not completely dedusted and cannot ensure that the dust does not spread;

2. The sticky dust pad can not only remove dust alone, but also remove the dust on the manual silicone rubber wheel to ensure the recycling of the silicone rubber wheel. The glue on the surface of the paper has a high density of polymer molecules and can absorb fine particles;

3. The surface of the sticky dust pad is strongly rubbed without degumming, the glue density is evenly distributed, and the glue is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell;

4. In order to facilitate tearing and peeling during use, a page number label is attached to the corner of the sticky dust pad. is a reusable dusting pad, it can remove the dirt from the tire, just the weight of the vehicle passing, the dirt of the pad can be removed simply by wiping, it will not generate any extra garbage because you can use it repeatedly.

After the hospital sticky dust pad is used for a period of time, the surface film layer will be contaminated, and the surface film layer needs to be torn off. Many people start with the corner with the label and tear it off diagonally. Doing so can easily allow contaminants attached to the sticky mat to fly up and enter the cleanroom through air movement. It is recommended that you use the following steps to remove the film layer to be replaced:

1. Look for the color label on the edge of the mat;

2. Pick up the label and slowly peel off the film layer from the edge of the pad;

3. Continue to peel the film upwards to separate it from the pad until all four corners are separated from the pad;

4. Pull the separated four corners to the middle of the mat to form a tent shape 5. Slowly separate the film in the middle of the mat;

6. Fold the film inward until it is small enough to be discarded.

7. Contaminated film should be thrown outside the locker room. Instead of tearing the label and film from the pad at will, the staff should follow the steps above to remove the film slowly. When the surface of the film is covered with dust during use, the viscosity of the sticky mat will decrease. At this point, it is necessary to tear off this layer of sticky mats. It is also important to remove sticky floor mats. First, slowly separate the four corners of the dust pad from the pad, then close to the middle, wrap the dust inside, and fold the film inward until it's small enough to discard. In this way, the contaminants attached to the dust removal pad will not fly around to ensure the dust removal effect. The sticky dust pad has strong adhesion, does not drop glue, has been used for more than 100 times, is easy to replace, does not require mops or water cleaning, and has a storage period of 1-3 years.